On 11 October 2016 at 18:23, Chad Versace <chadvers...@chromium.org> wrote:
> On Thu 21 Jul 2016, Emil Velikov wrote:
>> This reverts commit 1a8e8ef3b8072fa1135dbe2a04dc6bb9f8e3a12f.
>> The symbols were added as they are required by the null/surfaceless
>> platform. Since that one hasn't landed yet, just remove the patch.
>> Furthermore, using dlsym is non-compatible (according to the spec) since
>> the symbols are part of an extension. eglGetProcAddress should be used.
>> Feel free to bring it back, when needed.
>> Cc: Frank Henigman <fjhenig...@google.com>
>> Cc: Chad Versace <chad.vers...@intel.com>
>> ---
>> Hi all, this is weird a reminder about getting null/surfaceless updated.
> I started working on this recently. There's also a pile of *new* patches
> in the CrOS tree that need upstreaming.
Welcome back and thanks for getting these sorted! Hope you'll do a
series here/github PR before pushing things :-)
Can I poke you for access about the github issues section ? IIRC
there's a few that should be closed.

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