Chad, all,

Now that has moved to gitlab, should we move the main
repository there? (I recommend under the mesa group like piglit and

Should we also consider using gitlab merge requests? Some projects,
like crucible have started using merge requests, and I think waffle is
small enough where it could probably work. (Actually, we might start
experimenting with using merge requests in Mesa too.)

Like piglit, I think we should also consider allowing anyone with Mesa
push access to push to waffle. (Or, at least, I think this is the case
for piglit.)

Regarding releases, based on discussions with Dylan and Jason, we are
overdue for one. We might also want to discuss how we might handle
releases going forward. I think Chad is the only one that really has
done it, so maybe he could quickly describe the process if he's
willing to let others make releases.

Assuming we do move the main repo to freedesktop, what about the
github repo? I think it should be maintained. Either as read-only with
it's current state, or perhaps with the branches being synced back.

Does any of this sound good, bad, or ugly?



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