On 2019-06-07 15:48:54, Dylan Baker wrote:
> Release remain available at waffle-gl.org,
> http://www.waffle-gl.org/releases.html.
> In the future we will do announcements of waffle releases through
> mesa-annou...@lits.freedkestop.org, and not through
> waffle@lists.freedesktop.org.

I agree that this makes sense.

It also seems like we've essentially switched to merge-requests rather
than email based patches. Therefore, I'm not sure this email list has
much purpose anymore.

I guess we don't need to delete the list or anything, but I think we
should update HACKING.txt to say that patches should be contributed
via merge request, and remove the email list from the website.

I'm guess I will hear crickets from this email. :) If so, I'll plan to
move forward with this plan after a few days with no NACKs.

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