It took me couple of hours of googling to figure out how to make a Mediagate
MG-350HD (that's a 'play-any-video-file' style media player for those
interested) stream video from my G5.

I'm not sure I've chosen the best way though, so I'm sending an excerpt of
my current solution to this list, on the off chance someone else has had a
go, or has a better idea of the processes involved *cough* Shay *cough*:

It all comes down to 'share points'. Under Windows, a user can select a
folder on their hard disk and configure its 'sharing and security' prefs.

All you do is click 'share this folder' and the folder icon changes to
include a little hand outstretched (propping up the folder).

The Mediagate, when scanning its local area network, then picks up the
folder and displays it in a list. You can have as many sharepoints as you
like, and you can access any files or folders inside.

Mac OS 10.4 however is a different beast when it comes to sharing. In the
Mediagate manual, it states compatibility with Mac OS 9.x . Little did I
realise that it means incompatibility with OS 10.x.

In OS 9, you could appoint specific folders are 'sharepoints' just like
Windows. Under OS X, You click a box that makes your entire Mac 'sharable'.
You can't specify folders as sharepoints however. You _can_ change the
access permissions for a folder or file, but the Mediagate can't 'see' the
folder, despite being allowed to, because (I think) it's looking for a
specific 'flag' of sorts, that only manifests if you create it yourself.

I tested my theory by installing a freeware app called Sharepoints

It puts a nice GUI on the act of creating old style sharepoints. After a
couple of failed attempts and tweaking, I finally got the Mediagate to
recognise the sharepoint I created. It now appears to be working without

As much as anything, I'd like to know how specifically Sharepoints differs
from simply changing file permissions i.e. Why you need Sharepoint.

Please forgive any flawed logic, incorrect assumptions or spelling errors. I
was determined to get the system working last night - I sacrificed way too
much sleep on the project. : }