Hi Michael,

I don't understand what you are talking about...
Unless you have enabled 'iCloud Music Library'?
I have for years imported hundreds of my music CDs, thousands of Playlists & 
tracks of music I own into my iTunes Library on my computer and I sync what 
music CD Playlists I wish to have on my iPad & iPhone.
I never have to download them from Apple Servers. 
They are all on my Mac and included in my backup plan.
Note: If you have turned on 'iCloud Music Library' on your iOS device, you 
can't sync music From iTunes. iCloud Music Library replaces syncing, allowing 
you to download content from the cloud

Sounds like you don't sync anything, you get most of your content from the 
cloud - using Apple Music to stream music, and download your own music from 
iCloud Music Library.

I don't have Apple Music or iCloud Music Library enabled!


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> On 13 Oct. 2016, at 9:51 pm, Michael Hawkins 
> <michael.hawk...@mjhawkins.com.au> wrote:
> Good evening Ronni,
> I haven't made any attempt to synchronise. I simply download if I want to 
> listen to any particular song or album. It doesn't appease my anger over 
> Apples high-handed action in removing my access to all the songs I had 
> accumulated over the years, including making legal copies of cds that I 
> owned. Apple should have forewarned users that if they installed a particular 
> update they would no longer have access to their music without having to 
> download from Outer Mongolia or Khazakastan or wherever Apple has its servers.
> As far as I'm concerned, Apple's action is tantamount to theft or conversion.
> Cheers,
> Michael
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>> On 13 Oct. 2016, at 3:33 pm, Ronda Brown <ro...@mac.com> wrote:
>> Hi Michael,
>> Is this problem sorted? Have you been able to sync your iTunes music?
>> Cheers,
>> Ronni
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>>> On 10 Oct. 2016, at 11:53 am, Ronni Brown <ro...@mac.com> wrote:
>>> Hi Michael,
>>> Have you connected the iPhone to iTunes and checked what music you have 
>>> selected to Sync to your iPhone?
>>> Once you have the music 'playlists' or ‘tracks' you wish to have on your 
>>> iPhone selected click ‘Sync’.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Ronni
>>> 13-inch MacBook Air (April 2014)
>>> 1.7GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i7, Turbo Boost to 3.3GHz
>>> 8GB 1600MHz LPDDR3 SDRAM
>>> 512GB PCIe-based Flash Storage
>>> macOS Sierra 10.12
>>>> On 9 Oct. 2016, at 10:45 pm, Michael Hawkins 
>>>> <michael.hawk...@mjhawkins.com.au> wrote:
>>>> I have iOS 10.0.2 on my IPhone. Over the past 65 years I've accumulated a 
>>>> lot of music - about 10 years ago I had thousands of tracks on my iPod. I 
>>>> used to have loads on my iPhone, too, as well as my computer and on CDs.  
>>>> For some reason though they're no longer on my iPhone - according to 
>>>> iTunes I have to download them. Why? 
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Michael Hawkins
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