I have an older model Kindle and we have Kindle for Mac on two iPads, my iPhone 
and two desktops.  They are all on a single Amazon kindle account so everything 
is freely shared.  This is a very smooth and trouble free system until today.  
Today one iPad, on iOS 11.2.5, on opening Kindle for Mac, showed the usual 
opening screen then flashed to a library display then quit.  This just repeats 
at each attempt.  I have checked everything for all devices on the Amazon 
website and nothing seems amiss.   I then find that my iPhone6 is behaving 
similarly.  Both desktops are fine, library etc fine.  Because of my mobility 
problems I have not yet checked the other iPad and the original “real” Kindle 
but my betting is that the Kindle will be fine and the other iPad will not.  
In the meantime, I deregistered the iPad and removed the Kindle for Mac app 
then reinstalled it from the App Store.   Now on opening the iPad Kindle I get 
again the usual opening screen but no request to sign in to Amazon.
Has anyone any advice or input to offer please.  
Severin Crisp   

             Assoc Prof R Severin Crisp, FAIP, FIP, CPhys
15 Thomas St, Mount Clarence, Albany, 6330, Western Australia
                  ph (08) 9842 1950 ( Int'l +61 8 9842 1950)
        Mob  0484 624 741    mail to: sevcr...@westnet.com.au 

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