Hi Peter

Quick reply, as just walking into another job.
But basically - either a wireless type hard drive. If the Time Capsule works 
but internal drive “fails” then you can use a USB drive plugged into it and 
“ignore” internal drive and use external drive. (done this for a few clients). 
A NAS can be used as a Time Machine backup - some specially say they’ll work 
with it - e.g. Synology off top of head.
Just a few suggestions there.

I would imagine Time Capsule will keep going for a while. As it’s just a “box” 
that keeps working. Only thing may be Airport Utility that stops being able to 
work. But I don’t see that happening for many years to come. Apple will keep 
parts for Time Capsule up to 5 years (as that’s legally how long they have to 
support hardware - same as other manufacturers for parts of computer hardware).

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> On 18 May 2018, at 12:47 pm, petercr...@westnet.com.au wrote:
> HI WAMUG users. I have been following a current thread but Daniel's comment 
> about the Time Capsule demise in that thread on the horizon made me type this 
> one. If I were to buy a spare Time Capsule, would the software be compatible 
> forever even with Apple no longer supporting it?
> What is Plan B in the event of the Time Capsule failing (hardware failure) 
> for those that do not have a spare Time Capsule - and then eventually when no 
> spare exists? 
> Regards
> Pete.
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