Hello Fellow WAMUGgers

   We are now in the run up to Christmas.

     * Stores are getting busier.
     * Musak has been replaced by Christmas songs.
     * Red and green decorations abound with sprinklings of artificial
     * And …..   it is time for our last General Meeting of 2022.

   Join us this Tuesday, 6th December at 7:30 over Zoom for some knowledge
   gathering and Christmas cheer.


    1. This month our esteemed President, Peter, will take us through
       Raycast, a free productivity launcher helps you complete tasks,
       calculations, etc easily and quickly without having to open various

    1. We will also do an overview of the Version 2 Affinity Suite of
       products which is proving to be a worthy competitor for Adobe.  For
       a limited time you can purchase a Universal Licence for the entire
       Affinity Suite.  Although this may not be something you are likely
       to use, if you have friends, staff or children who use Adobe
       Products invite them to attend the meeting.


   WAMUG General Meeting

   Time: Dec 6, 2022 07:30 PM Perth

   Join Zoom Meeting


   Meeting ID: 882 6287 6317

   Passcode: 529065

   Hope to see you there!




   Told a joke over a zoom meeting and no one laughed. It wasn’t remotely


   1. tps://us02web.zoom.us/j/88262876317?pwd=RllmUzVvVUhhYmZxTkVXWDNJR1BDdz09
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