Hi there,
   I have a mystery. The backup external drive (uses Carbon Copy Cloner)
   no longer appears in the sidebar or on the desktop. I first went to
   access the drive, but it wasn't there so I pulled it out thinking it
   had become disconnected. So I got the message..don't pull out without
   disconnecting. Obviously, it was connected...just not showing up. I've
   disconnected and re-connected properly a number of times.
   The preferences to see external drives are on and the other external
   drives turn up as they should.
   The only way I can access it is to go to Carbon Copy Cloner and select
   the drive and use the Show in Finder command. I can also see it in Disk
   This happened on my old (Macbook Pro 2017) computer and is now
   happening on this new one. (Macbook Air 2022)
   I obviously have restarted and closed down the old computer a number of
   times and similarly on the new computer.
   If all the drives didn't appear I would think it was a glitch in
   the preferences.
   Anybody got any ideas?
   Macbook Air 2022
   Ventura 13.0 (22A380)
   Rosemary Spark
   PO Box 781
   South Fremantle WA 6162 Australia
   Phone: + 61 ‭8 6397 6822‬
   Mobile: 0414268043
   Email: [1]arkaysp...@gmail.com


   1. mailto:arkaysp...@gmail.com
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