Hi Stephen

   Thank you for your advice, I’ll give it a go. Does the program actually
   look for the corrupted Card? The main problem that I am having is that
   I can’t locate the card, if the card can’t be located then I can’t
   retrieve the Photo’s.

   Hopefully there is some way of retrieving the photo’s. I wrote to the
   Card Company asking if they could help, I’m still waiting for a reply.

   Thank you again Stephen, I’ll let the group know of the results either

   Kind Regards


     On 28 Jan 2023, at 4:21 pm, Stephen Chape via WAMUG
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     Hi Tony.

   I downloaded an app called “Picture Rescue 2” a while ago.

   It worked brilliantly to save some image files from a corrupted drive.

   I have now used it twice with great success.

   I suggest looking for it and downloading.

   On 28 Jan 2023, at 2:43 pm, Anthony (Tony) Francis via WAMUG
   <wa...@lists.wamug.org.au> wrote:

   Good Afternoon Members
   I have a Corrupted Compact Flash Card that I am hoping to retrieve the
   photo’s from.
   1. I have tried first to have the Computer recognise the Card, no
   2. I have downloaded a Program called DISKDRILL to enable me to find
   and save the files on the card, to have DISKDRILL save the files I
   first have to have the card available, which is why I’m writing, a fair
   while ago I had a similar problem and Ronni Browne helped me locate a
   missing card that wasn’t showing, but I have forgotten what Ronni told
   me to do.
   3. I shut down the Computer and then restarted the Computer with the
   Card Reader and Card attached, the Computer when starting wouldn’t go
   any further than showing a Black Screen and the Apple logo, I
   disconnected the Card reader and the Computer then finished the start
   Is there anything else I could do? I have researched on line but the
   directions are all alike, find the card and then start the recovery
   program, first I have to find the card.
   Thank you
   Kind Regards
   Tony Francis
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