Hello fellow WAMUGgers

   They say ‘Better Late Than Never” though who ‘they’ has never been
   explained.  This is a late reminder of our upcoming General Meeting
   this Tuesday 1st August.


   1 Start with a Q & A session. Share your questions, and we will see if
   we can assist you

   2 Columbusing with Messages. If you have never heard of the term
   ‘Columbusing,’ it is the art of discovering something that is not new.

   3 A reflection on updating to a new iPhone.


   Date: 1st August 2023

   Time: 07:30 PM (Usually lasts an hour)

   Zoom Meeting Link:   [1]https://bit.ly/3OAB7ul

   Meeting ID:  868 4972 6478

   Passcode:  924634

   If you have problems with the link or prefer to go 'Old School,' follow
   these instructions.

     * Type [2]zoom.us into your browser's address bar.

     * At the login screen, click the Join button. (located on the black
   coloured bar, third from the right)

     * At the Join Meeting screen, type in the meeting ID included in this

     * Finally, click Allow on the dialog box shown in your browser. If
   you don't see a dialogue, click the Launch Meeting button.

     We will be there waiting and looking forward to seeing you.




   1. https://bit.ly/3OAB7ul
   2. http://zoom.us/
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