Hi all,

   We have just upgraded to NBN Fibre to the Premises. The speed we get
   with the modem attached straight to the NBN box is about 10 times
   faster than when it is connected to the wall socket in the study.  Our
   house is 61/2 years old and was cabled from the garage to other places
   in the house when we bought it. The westnet/ iiNet guy said the cabling
   might be too old to carry fibre speeds.

    The present wall socket in the study just looks like a phone socket
   but it does carry the signal to the modem albeit slowly. The distance
   is not great …it goes up from the NBN box in the garage in conduit to
   the ceiling, presumably in the ceiling and down the wall in the study
   next door.

   What sort of professional would be able to re-cable so the speed was
   maintained to the study?

   Would a more uptodate modem also help maintain better speeds? The
   present one is an iiNet black TG model.


   Rosemary Spark
   PO Box 781 South Fremantle WA 6162 Australia


   1. mailto:arkaysp...@gmail.com
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