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Vodka-drinking Khvichava is the oldest human 
Antisa Khvichava celebrating the International Women's Day with her family

GEORGIAN great-grandmother Antisa Khvichava is perhaps the world's oldest 

The matriarch, who would turn 130 in July, was located by a television station 
in Georgia recently.

She is currently living with her son, grandchildren and great grandchildren in 
the remote Caucasus Mountains.

A Soviet-era passport of Khvichava showed her date of birth as 1880.

The Georgian government is making arrangement for the Guinness Book of Records 
to include her as the oldest person.

A video footage, which was broadcasted on the Georgian channel on the 
International Women's Day, showed Khvichava being congratulated by her family 
and enjoying a glass of wine.

According to the report, she remains in good health and still plays board 
games, drinks vodka and yogurt.

To date, the world's oldest person ever lived was Sakhan Dosova from 
Kazakhstan, who was born on March 27, 1879.

Dosova died at the age of 130 after she slipped and fell on her bathroom floor 
in May last year.

She had attributed her long life to her sense of humour.

Watch the video footage, here.

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Published March 12 2010

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