Lebanese arrested for sister's 'honour killing'

Published Date: March 13, 2010 

BEIRUT: A Lebanese man has been arrested in northern Lebanon for killing his 
sister earlier this week in what authorities described as an honour killing, a 
security official said yesterday. "The 24-year-old victim was single and 
apparently had a boyfriend," the security official told AFP. "(Her brother) 
admitted shooting her twice in the head to cleanse the family honour.

The woman was only identified by her initials, as was her 28-year-old brother. 
Her body was discovered on Tuesday on the main road of the village of Hakr 
al-Daheri, in the northern Akkar region. "This kind of crime is not common in 
Lebanon but we have a few every year," the official said.

Lebanese law stipulates extenuating circumstances for so-called honour 
killings, in which male relatives kill female kin they suspect of illicit 
behaviour with men. In 2007, Lebanon's top Shiite Muslim cleric Mohammed 
Hussein Fadlallah issued a fatwa, or religious edict, banning honour killings 
as repulsive acts that contradict Islamic law. - AFP 

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