Dubai puts alcoholic dishes back on menu

Published Date: March 24, 2010 

DUBAI: The Dubai municipality has retracted a decision to ban restaurants from 
using alcohol in the preparation of dishes, The National daily reported 
yesterday. The liberal Gulf emirate had announced on Sunday it would enforce a 
2003 law banning alcohol in food preparation, based on complaints from Muslim 
clients who were not warned that dishes in some restaurants contained alcohol. 
But it now appears Dubai has changed its mind.

Khaled Sharif Al-Awadhi, director of Dubai municipality's food control 
department, said food containing alcohol could be served on condition it was 
segregated from other food and clearly labelled, The National reported. "We 
have found violations where hotels are not clearly stating alcohol content in 
their food," it quoted him as saying. Awadhi added that alcohol should be 
handled like other "non-halal products" such as pork.

The newspaper said chefs in Dubai, where restaurants in hotels with a licence 
are allowed to serve alcohol, had approached the municipality asking for a 
review of the decision, which they said threatened their industry. Islam, the 
main religion of the local population of the United Arab Emirates of which 
Dubai is a member, bans the production, sale and consumption of alcohol. - AFP 

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