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The Teacher and the Emperor

By Muhammad Diyab

An Emperor of Japan was once asked the secret behind the great progress 
achieved by Japan in various aspects of life, and he attributed this to the 
promotion of education and teachers, saying "We began where others ended, and 
we have learned from their mistakes, and we have given the teacher the immunity 
of a diplomat and the salary of a minister." 

This is a fact, as the position of a teacher in Japan was directly below that 
of the Emperor. If you are a teacher in Japan, this means that you are one of 
the most prominent and important stars of society, as only the most talented 
and intelligent are able to assume this job. This is a fact that is known by 
all Arab countries, and it is something that has been devoured by all those 
working in the education industry and represents a prominent example of how 
education can contribute to state development. However why do our attempts to 
reform education and promote teaching in the Arab world always take us back to 
square one? I think that one of the problems is that each Arab Minister of 
Education has his own program and agenda that differs from the program and 
agenda of his predecessor, as well as those of his successor. This is something 
that requires education strategies to have comprehensive features that are 
capable of persisting regardless of any changes in the leadership of the [Arab] 
education ministries. 

The Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia - under its new leadership - is 
preparing to launch a new framework for the educational curriculum of primary 
and intermediate level students from the beginning of next year. I hope that 
this step will represent a larger and deeper vision than the previous series of 
[reform] attempts, and that this has a clear impact in advancing the ideas, 
behaviour, and attitudes to life, of our children. These reforms come within a 
crucially important historical context, and coincide with King Abdullah's 
vision on the importance of education and his conviction of what education can 
achieve with regards to advancement and development in various aspects of our 
lives. To be more concise, society is looking forward to an educational 
structure that is able to strengthen its intellectual, scientific, economic, 
and social security, a structure that can meet the challenges of the present 
and the future, in which a teacher is a light to guide our children towards 
deeper values of altruism, equality, and tolerance. 

I cannot hide my optimism for those who are currently in charge of education in 
Saudi Arabia, as they may be the most capable of achieving what we have been 
dreaming of for a long time. 

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