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      Qaradawi wants militants to review convictions on jihad 
            Publish Date: Saturday,3 April, 2010, at 01:15 AM Doha Time 
      By Anwar Elshamy
      Staff Reporter 

            Sheikh Qaradawi urges political dialogue

      Qatar-based Islamic scholar Dr Sheikh Yousuf al-Qaradawi yesterday 
condemned the recent Moscow subway bomb attacks, saying that militant groups 
targeting civilians should review their adopted convictions of jihad.  

      In his Friday sermon, Sheikh Qaradawi said that jihad should only be 
defensive and that non-military persons should not be targeted in such a war. 
      "The Holy Qur'an says that killing an innocent person is tantamount to 
killing the whole humanity. For this reason, Islam prohibited Muslim armies to 
kill women, children or old men in wartime," Sheikh Qaradawi told a 
congregation at the Omar bin al-Khattab mosque. 

      Qaradawi, who is the chairman of the International Union for Muslim 
Scholars, urged the Islamic militant groups to review their convictions about 
Jihad, saying that their attacking of civilians led the detractors of Islam to 
brand Muslims as "terrorists". 

      "Such atrocities only hurt Islam and our Qur'an. They were even used as a 
pretext for accusing Islam of being a religion of violence and terror," he 
      Referring to the twin suicide bombings that rocked Moscow's underground 
train system last week, the scholar rejected the attacks as "having nothing to 
do with jihad" rules. 

      "Islam does not allow killing innocent people in war even if they are 
non-believers. Those people who got embroiled while they were on their way to 
work were innocent and could not be held responsible for their political 
leaders' mistakes," the scholar added. 

      However, he urged the Russian leaders to start a political dialogue with 
the Caucasus militant groups and not to resort to armed force to solve the 

      "I hope that the Russian leaders would launch a constructive dialogue. 
They can even request some leaders of Muslim or Arab countries to mediate 
between Russia and the Caucasus militants," he added. 

      The scholar slammed the outcome of the recent Arab League summit, which 
he said, failed to lift the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip by Israel or 
address the Zionist aggressions on Jerusalem.  "Unfortunately, the Arab leaders 
are no longer able to settle any dispute, whether it is an inter-Arab one or 
with Israel. Although they meet every year, they fail to do anything useful to 
the Arab peoples' central issue, that is Palestine and Jerusalem," he said, 
while urging the Arab people to rise up against their leaders and pressure them.

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