Half of Saudi women nurses quit, says health care advocate

Published: Apr 10, 2010 03:02 Updated: Apr 10, 2010 03:02 

RIYADH: Half of Saudi women who enter the nursing profession quit their jobs, 
according to Sabah Abo-Zanada, director of the Scientific Society for Nursing 
under the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

Speaking at a National Dialogue event (a regular town-hall style meeting that 
occurs in various parts of the Kingdom to promote public dialogue on various 
important issues) in Najran that is currently taking place, Abo-Zanada called 
for a national council on nursing to promote the profession.

Abo-Zanada said there are two major reasons why Saudi women quit the 
profession. The first reason is misunderstanding of what the job entails. The 
second reason is the social stigma and lack of familial support Saudi women get 
when they decide to enter the field.

"Both reasons make quitting the job a fast decision," said Abo-Zanada, who 
pointed out that the nursing sector in Saudi Arabia, which is dominated by 
foreign workers, comprises half of the health-care work force.  Furthermore, 
she added, approximately 80 percent of the contact patients have with health 
care professionals is with nursing professionals.

Abo-Zanada also underscored the importance of placing a high social value on 
nursing staff - as well as providing quality human resource training - in order 
to reduce the number of incidences of medical malpractice.

"Developing programs will limit mistakes and/or prevent them from happening at 
all," she said.

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Apr 10, 2010 10:20 

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i am doctor working in saudi arabia i find the saudi women nurses competent 
challenging and regular in there work, i feel pity that the society should 
change there behaviour towards nursing care professionals and boost there 
morale and support in all aspect for the better future, 
the nurses need to learn basic english and remove the fear of medical 
malpractise i wish the saudi women nurses all the best 
Faisal Saleem

Apr 10, 2010 10:22 

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Isn't nursing just another name for 'medical maids'? I say Saudi women should 
not be allowed to work as nurses! It's derogatory and humiliating! Come on 
Saudi academics, feminists and scholars, you need to standup for Saudi women 
and their honour! 

Apr 10, 2010 14:46 

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I find Faisal's comment simply ridiculous. He is trying to degrade such a 
noble, caring and loving profession. I can only have pity on his limited 
understanding about life. 

Apr 10, 2010 14:46 

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@ Faisal - Boy you really need to study ISLAM throughly. ALL MUSLIMS ARE EQUAL. 

Just one question, on the Day of Judgement, do you think all Saudi women & men 
will be under the shade or be exempted from questions ? 

How pathetic you are. Racist ! 

What you have said is DEROGRATED & Humilating to MUSLIM Ummah ! 

Apr 10, 2010 17:59 

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What is wrong if Saudi Woman work as a Nurse??? 
What is wrong with this Society?? 
Saudis have really to change their mind, it is time!! 
Come up from the high Horse!!! because if you fall down you will hurt you 
badly!!! Saudi woman are not better like other woman from other countries!!! 
Always l read Saudi women want to work, need work, but then l Read no work as a 
maid. now no work as a nurse.! 
Dear Faisal tell me u want all Saudis woman work as a professor?? 
@ Faisal you should change you mind and think before you give comment like 
that. nothing bad to work as a nurse.!!! Saudi woman are same like other woman 
in this world no better no less!!! 
I just imagine all foreign nurses quiet their job, all will broke down in 
Saudi, same with any other job Saudis are not willing to do, because they think 
they are better human!! Shame on you who think so!! 
And yes DR Muhammad you are absolutely so RIGHT !! 

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