Refleksi : Mungkin sekali iman umat Indonesia lebih kuat bila dibandingkan 
dengan umat Arab dan oleh karena orang Arab perlu membeli tambahan jasa dari Mr 
Magic Simsalabim. Bagaimana pendapat Anda?

Saudi Expert: Arabs Spend 5 Billion Dollars Annually on Magic and Sorcery

By Abdullah Al-Sheiban

Najran, Asharq Al-Awsat- Dr. Fahd Bin Abdulaziz al-Sunaidi, a Professor at the 
Department of Islamic Studies of the King Saud University has revealed that 
Arabs spend a total of 5 billion dollars a year on practices of magic and 
sorcery, and that there is one magician for every 1,000 people in the Arab 

During a lecture at the Department of Education in Najran entitled "The Media 
and Educations; Cooperation or Discord" Dr. Sunaidi said that the media 
campaign against magic and sorcery has significantly contributed to reducing 
the influence of this phenomenon in the Arab world. 

In 2009 a study by the Center for Research and Study, which is affiliated with 
Saudi Arabia's Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice 
[CPVPV] set procedural guidelines in an effort to combat magic and those who 
practice it. 

The report in question included scientific definitions of magic, witchcraft, 
divination, fortune-telling and other similar practices and a model in order to 
help uncover such practices. 

The study, also clarified the signs and symbols that can be used in the 
practice of magic, as well as the tools used to control magic, while also 
advising that a system of cooperation be initiated between the various 
authorities involved in this fight against such practices and those who perform 

The study also called for regulations to be put in place with regards to the 
role of telecommunication and Internet service providers to protect the public 
from communication and television channels that promote magic, while also 
penalizing those that perpetrate such crimes. It also called for the results of 
the study to be incorporated into the provision of Islamic Shariaa law, basic 
law, and criminal law. 

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