Iraq.It's an Iranian Alliance

By Tariq Alhomayed

There is no other way to describe the electoral alliance that was announced on 
Tuesday between the State of Law Coalition and the Iraqi National Alliance 
except as an Iranian one. What's considered a purely sectarian alliance made 
sectarianism prevail over the nation, with the aim of excluding half of the 
Iraqi society, and of course the consequences will be detrimental. 

In amazement, a Western official told me "how America handed over Iraq to 
Iran." The truth is that the first person to say this openly and in America was 
the Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al Faisal when, in the presence of the 
then US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, he said that America had handed 
Iraq to Iran on a golden platter. A well-informed Saudi told me that the 
Americans, Rice in particular, were very angry that day, however today Prince 
Saud al Faisal's words have been confirmed decisively. 

It is not important to understand the reasons that prompted this Shia alliance 
and the coup over half of the Iraqi nation; it is more important to understand 
the harmful consequences that will result from the alliance. The alliance 
suggests that there is a long road ahead for Iraq and that the common 
denominator between the two coalitions is the sectarian dimension. This is what 
will result in instability in Iraq and a lack of trust between Iraq and its 
Arab surroundings. It is by no means an easy matter, and the Iraqis will 
remember that only when it is too late as some triumphs look like defeats and 
even stronger is the bitterness of defeat. Democracy is not based on the 
dominance of sectarianism and serving foreign agendas and that of Iran in 
particular. If every component of the Arab countries went in search of its 
sectarian depth then disaster would have struck in the region. Therefore, the 
national umbrella is the most effective and the safest; in fact it is the only 
request and the place of rational-minded people. 

But what has happened in Iraq is contrary to that. Those being targeted here 
are not only the Sunnis, despite the fact that one week doesn't pass without 
news of killings and assassinations (the most recent being the assassination of 
the deputy head of the Sunni Waqaf authority in west Baghdad yesterday) but 
there is also the targeting of the Christians in a systematic manner in order 
to intimidate them and force them out of Iraq in such a blatant manner whilst 
the Arab and international silence continues!

Now, after the announcement of the alliance between the two Shia coalitions in 
Iraq we should not be surprised at [what happens in] the upcoming days even if 
we do feel sad about the where the Iraqi situation is going. But what's 
important is that the Iraqiya List, with its Sunnis and Shia, remains solid and 
rational and the same thing applies to the Kurds. This is for the simple reason 
that history is documented and time passes and the best example of that is the 
former regime of Saddam Hussein. Who would have thought that it would end in 
the way it did?

Therefore, it is not important who becomes Prime Minister in Iraq whether it is 
al Maliki or anyone else; what's important is that it is clear to us today that 
Iraq is on the brink of unknown consequences; if it falls into the cycle of 
violence then it will harm us all and if it throws itself into the arms of 
Iran, then the catastrophe is even bigger, as Tehran will be looking over the 
Arabian Gulf from several points and though it will be up to its neck in oil 
fields, it will also be the carrier of firewood!

Has the picture become clear? I believe it is as clear as the sun

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