Saya postkan beberapa kata kata Wisdom dari kitab ALLAH yaitu Bible,semoga da 
manfaatnya bagi diri saya dan kita semua dlm menjalankan hidup bermasarakat.

ALLAH Love Us, and we should love ALLAH too,
If We love ALLAH, we should love all race of people and all kind of religion.

Love ALLAH with all your heart,with all your mind and your soul
Love your neighbor as you love you self.

If we love ALLAH, but we hate people we are liar.
If we love ALLAH, but we speak evil,we are liar.
If we love ALLAH, but we act evilly, we are liar.
If we love ALLAH, but we still harm some one we are liar.

The benefits of wisdom;
You may be sure that wisdom is good for your soul.Get wisdom and you have a 
bright future.

God created the earth by His wisdom; by His knowledge,He set the sky in place, 
His wisdom caused the rivers to flow and the cloud to give rain to the earth.

Son, hold on to your wisdom and insight.Never let them wisdom away from 
you.they will provide you with life---a pleasant and happy life. you can go 
safely on your way and never even stumble. you will not be afraid when you go 
to bed and you will sleep soundly through the night. You will not have to worry 
about sudden disaster like a storm.God will keep you safe He will not let you 
into a trap.

Whenever you possible can do good to those who need it. Never tell to your 
neighbor to wait until tomorrow if you can help him now.

Do not plans anything that will hurt your neighbor he lives beside you trusting 

Don't argue with someone for no reason when he has never done you any harm. 
Don't be jealous of violent people or decide to act as they do, because God 
hats people who do evil, but He takes righteous men into His confidence.

God puts a curse on the home of wicked men but blesses the home of the

He has no use for conceited people,but show favor to those who are humble.wise 
men will gain an honorable reputation, but stupid men will only add to their 
own grace.


If you correct a conceited man, you will be insulted. If you you reprimand an 
evil man, you will get hurt only,Never correct a conceited man;He will hate you 
for it.but if you correct a wise man,he will respect you. any thing you say to 
a wise man will make him wiser.What ever you tell a righteous man will add to 

Jika kamu mengoreksi orang2 angkuh/sombong, kamu akan dihina, Jika kamu menegur 
manusia2 nakal kamu akan mendapat luka. Jangan sekali kali mengoreksi 
angkuh/sombong. dia kan membenci anda akan nasehat anda, 

tetapi jika kamu mengoreksi orang2 berilmu dan bijak, dia akan berterimakasih 
dan hormat kpd kamu, apa saja yang anda katakan
bertambah kebijakannya. Apa saja yang kamu katakan kepada orang2 yang jujur 
akan bertambah ilmunya.


Hate stirs up trouble, but love forgives all offenses.
Kebencian membuat malasalah, tapi cinta memafkan semua yang menghina


A man who hides his hatred is liar, Any one soread gossip(slander) is a fool.
Seseorang yang menyimpan kebencian adalah pembohong, dan seseorang yang 
menyebarkan fitnah adalah bodoh.

Stupid people always think they are right,
But Wise people listen to advice.

Orang2 bodoh selalu berpikir mereka yang benar,
tapi orang2 bijak berilmu senang menengar nasehat/koreksi.

Tetapi apabila kamu mengoreksi seorang yg bertaqwa(wise) dia akan hormat kepada
kamu dan berterimakasih bertambah ilmunya dan bijak dia.

If you are intelligent you will be praise, but if you stupid people will look 
down on you.

Apabila anda seorang yang bijak dan berilmu orang akan menghormati kamu, jika 
anda bodoh orang akan melihat anda rendah tidak berjarga.

It is fool to enjoy doing wrong.Intelligent people take pleasure in wisdom.

Adalah bodoh orang2 yang senang berbuat buruk, berkata kotor, tapi orang2 yang 
cerdas, dan bijak suka berbuat bijak.

A stupid or wicked people like violence, but a wise man like peace.

seorang yang bodoh atau nakal senang dengan kekerasan, tapi orang yang bijak 
dan berilmu suka kedamaian.

Mari sama sama kita renungkan dan kita amalkan dlm kehdiupan sejhari hari kita 
kata kata Hikmah atau Proverb Nabi Daud as agar ALLAH memberikan masaepan yang 
sukses ,sejahtera dan bahagia.

Salam =peace

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