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masarakat amerika adalah masarakat loving siciety...berkasih sayang
sesama manusia dananti diskriminasi...justice for all..

mari bersama sama kita ciptakan masarakat free society Ok

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> America Comes to the Aid of a Saudi Woman
> 14/05/2010 
> By Dr. Aaidh al-Qarni*)
> I know that the US has been responsible for the deaths of millions of people 
> outside of its borders either intentionally, semi-intentionally or by 
> mistake. However inside the country, things are different. The US deals with 
> its subjects through systems that look like they were based on Islamic 
> teachings whilst Muslims fail to implement such systems.
> I will relay a story that was told to me by a Saudi professor who studied in 
> the US and witnessed these events himself. I sat with him and listened to him 
> as he narrated the story. "There was a Saudi family; a man who had been sent 
> by the Institute of Public Administration on a scholarship to complete his 
> Masters degree in the US, his wife, his eight year old daughter and six year 
> old son.
> At the beginning, the family lived in Richmond, Virginia. The husband used to 
> abuse his wife every now and then, beating her and cursing her. The wife 
> would call on her Saudi neighbours for help and they would contact the 
> husband and ask him to stop beating his wife. They would also call the wife's 
> family in Saudi Arabia to help her and help solve the marital problems 
> between the couple. 
> The family then moved to Ohio and the man continued to beat and curse his 
> wife and even though she called on her brothers and father in Saudi Arabia to 
> intervene and put an end to the injustice she was suffering, none of her 
> family or the husband's family intervened to help them with their problems. 
> In fact she was rejected, insulted and threatened by them. Having reached a 
> dead end, the wife decided to put a stop to the physical and psychological 
> pain she and her children were suffering; she contacted the police and told 
> the police about her husband. 
> Within minutes, over five police squads arrived at the Saudi family's home 
> and the husband and the wife were both questioned separately. The children 
> were also questioned and as a result, the police were certain that the father 
> had beaten and insulted the mother. Accordingly, the father was detained at 
> the police station and the mother and her children were taken to a hotel 
> until the investigation had been completed. 
> The entire family was placed under protection, and policemen were assigned to 
> take the children to school and to pick them up everyday, and to protect the 
> house where the family lived and they were given financial assistance for 
> living costs. 
> The Saudi attaché provided a lawyer for the imprisoned Saudi student who was 
> bailed out until the investigation and the trial were completed. During this 
> period, the police made the student sign a pledge that he would not enter the 
> area where his wife and children live or go near the area or even think about 
> visiting the children either at home or at school until a court ruling had 
> been issued. 
> The US government also asked the Saudi woman to appoint a lawyer to defend 
> her in court. When she asked about the costs this would entail, she was told 
> it might cost around 6000 dollars. The woman burst into tears and said that 
> she did not have that kind of money and expressed her fear that she would 
> lose the case and would be forced to return to her husband.
> Two American lawyers were present during the woman's outburst and they 
> offered to take the case pro bono. After the sessions of the trial were 
> completed and having collected evidence and eyewitness reports against the 
> husband, the court decided that he was guilty and that the wife would 
> maintain custody of the children if the couple were to divorce, and that is 
> what happened.
> After the trial ended, the US government provided the Saudi woman and her 
> children with a house and paid the rent for her, and after a certain period 
> of time she could own the house. 
> The US government also gave the Saudi woman a job that was suitable to her 
> religious beliefs and she earned a salary of 3000 US dollars per month. 
> The US government also covered the fees for the children's schooling and the 
> Saudi woman's university fees and issued her with a credit card with a 
> monthly allowance to cover her and her children's living costs. The 
> government also changed her visa status to refugee status and this will 
> facilitate her obtainment of US citizenship in the future."
> Now, after listening to the story, let us ask how many women are beaten, 
> insulted and hurt without anybody coming to their aid? I am aware of many 
> terrifying stories of the worst kind of abuse and oppression that women 
> experience day and night. I also heard a very distressing story about a child 
> in Saudi Arabia last year so I contacted an excellent physician from the 
> Human Rights Authority in Saudi Arabia but I am yet to receive any news or an 
> answer from him let alone a positive attitude. I fear that after people read 
> this story, many women here in the Arab world would want to go to the US. I 
> believe that there should be a secret police force whose task it is to 
> intervene in order to rescue women who are being assaulted and suffering 
> abuse. Any husbands carrying out such abuse should share the same fate as the 
> Saudi student in the US mentioned in the story above. Over fourteen centuries 
> ago, Omar Ibn al Khattab, the second of the four Rightly-Guided Caliphs, 
> defended an abused woman when he went to her husband's house with his sword 
> and rescued the woman and taught her husband a lesson but in accordance with 
> the principles of Islamic Shariaa.
> I remember that some colleagues and I toured 21 American states and whenever 
> we saw the accuracy and excellence of the traffic system, and witnessed 
> people's commitment to environment protection laws, and the way daily affairs 
> are managed, we thought of the words we read in the Quran and the Sunnah of 
> the Prophet. Even some of the Muslim professors there once said to us, "We 
> swear it is as if the Americans took it from our religion word for word, 
> whilst we ignore these great texts."
> Former US president Richard Nixon, in his book 'Seize the Moment' says "The 
> US is a powerful country but unfortunately, great ideas are in Islam."
> Wake up Muslims and Arabs! I thank the US government and US President Barack 
> Hussein Obama and the American nation as a whole for taking such a noble 
> position. 
> *) Dr. al-Qarni is a Saudi-born Islamic preacher and scholar. His book "Don't 
> Feel Sad" (La Tahzan) has sold millions world wide. 
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