May 15, 2010 

Noordin's Sidekick Sonata Named Indonesia's Most Wanted Terrorist

Who's next on the hit list for the police's elite counterterrorism unit after 
Azahari Husin, Noordin M Top and Dulmatin? 

At a briefing at the House of Representatives, National Police Chief Gen. 
Bambang Hendarso Danuri failed to mention Umar Patek or Zulkarnaen, two alleged 
terrorist masterminds who continue to elude police. 

"Abdullah Sonata is our most wanted fugitive," Bambang said on Friday, after 
police identified the five suspected terrorists they shot dead on Wednesday as 
Saptono, Maulana, Ujang Muchrodin (a?k?a Abu Abi), Dani Ramdani and a man known 
only as "Mr. X." 

Believed to be a top recruiter for the armed militant group found training in 
Aceh and ranking in seniority next to Dulmatin himself, Sonata had jumped to 
the No. 1 spot on the police's most wanted list, Bambang said. 

"That man is capable of anything. He is our top priority," the police chief 

Going by the aliases Nata, Arman, Andri and a string of other names, Sonata had 
been sentenced to seven years in jail in 2006 for hiding Noordin and for 
possession of illegal firearms. He was released in April 2009 on good behavior. 

"Now we know he was involved in the Aceh group after getting out of jail," 
Bambang said. 

Ali Fauzi, the younger brother of executed Bali bomber Amrozi Nurhasyim, said 
he remembered first meeting Sonata overseas. 

"He came to the Philippines in 2002 or 2003, and we met there," he said. "He 
was there for a short course on paramilitary training as he did not have good 
knowledge of weapons or bombs. He was also good at fund-raising." 

Sonata, Ali said, met with Dulmatin, Maulana and Umar Patek in the Philippines. 
The three men, according to police, had key roles in the armed militant group 
in Aceh. Dulmatin was killed in March. Maulana was killed on Wednesday. Umar 
remains at large. 

Sonata was also the former leader of a mujahedeen group calling itself Kompak, 
or the Crisis Response Action Committee. Set up in 1998 in Solo, Kompak was 
active in aiding jihadist fighters during deadly sectarian conflicts in Ambon, 
Maluku and Poso, Central Sulawesi. 

However, according to a report released by the International Crisis Group last 
month, Sonata was in favor of all-out war as opposed to Noordin's bombing 
tactics. In fact, the report says Sonata did not join Noordin in the 2004 
Australian Embassy bombing. 

Aside from Sonata, members of the elite Densus 88 antiterrorism force also 
named the following figures on the most wanted list: Abu Tholut, a Muslim 
cleric linked with hard-line preacher Abu Bakar Bashir; Umar, a?k?a Bujang; 
Hasan, a?k?a Khidir; Kamaludin; Imam Rasyidi, a?k?a Imam Sukanto; Warsito; 
Taufik Bulanga; and Abu Hamzah a?k?a Reza Sungkar. Farouk Arnaz

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