Assalaam alaikum wa rahmatulla,

Many nonmuslims enquire from us where are all the moderates among the Muslims 
and what do they believe and practise. I invite you to join the following 
excellent forum for open, objective and learning different point of views on 
serious issues and misconceptions about Islam.

"ModerateMuslims is a completely open forum to provide all moderate, 
open-minded and reform-focused muslims around the world, in general, and also 
those in the United States of America, in particular, an opportunity to 
collaborate in order to encourage and sustain moderation, peace and tolerance 
within muslim communities and all across the world. You will be allowed to 
express your opinion, whatever it is, provided you do not pose ad hominem 
attacks, adhere to general norms of courtesy and do not promote extremism, 
violence and bigotry.
To join, send a blank email to: and 
then respond to the confirmation request you will receive."

Hope you find it beneficial for dunya and akhira.

Thanks and jazakallah,


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