Semoga kejadian ini menjadi pelajaran berharga bagi masyarakat, bangsa dan 
negara Indonesia, supaya tidak dikuasai oleh para tipikal mullah/kyai/ulama 
seperti di Pakistan.


Pakistan promotes killing its own citizens - Ahmadiyya Muslims respond\tes-killing-its-own-citizens--Ahmadiyya-Muslims-respond

May 29: In the wake of the most vicious massacre in the history of the 
Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, one that killed over 100 and injured over 150, 
there is a sign for the world. Though over 100 innocent souls lost their lives 
for their 'crime' of accepting the Messiah of the age, the world will see true 
Islam rise to the challenge.

We will not let the departed go in vain. Rather than respond in kind, members 
of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community will respond exactly as the Prophet Muhammad 
responded in the face of uncannily similar persecution 1400 years ago.

Our protests will not take place before any embassy or on any street. Rather 
our protests will take place in the late hours of the night as we prostate 
before the Supreme court of the Almighty, beseeching Him for His protection and 
acceptance—because this is what Prophet Muhammad did.

The hatred of our murderers will not surpass our love for humanity. We will 
stand by our motto of "Love for all, hatred for none." As Muslims who believe 
in the Messiah, we will win over the world with love and nothing else—because 
this is what Prophet Muhammad did.

And we will take action through peaceful and legal means. We will not picket 
nor cause disorder. Rather, we will continue, as we have for the last four 
decades of state sanctioned extremism, relentlessly working towards 
peace—because this is what Prophet Muhammad did.

Hazrat Ahmad, the Promised Messiah and holy founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim 
Community said, "Just as manure causes growth for crops, wicked opposition 
works like fertilizer for the growth of divine communities."

As we mourn over 100 righteous souls departed from our company, we welcome with 
open arms the tens of thousands of righteous hearts who cannot help but be 
attracted to truth.

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