Didn't We Tell You?

By Tariq Alhomayed

Didn't we tell you yesterday that Hassan Nasrallah wants to take back his role 
after the rug was pulled from underneath him by Turkey following what happened 
on the Freedom Flotilla off the coast of Gaza? Didn't we also tell you 
yesterday that "the game has been the same game, but the ability of the players 
is in decline" with regards to the Palestinian Cause? Didn't we tell you, days 
ago, not to save Israel [from itself] this time? So what happened?

Yesterday Ali Shirazi, [Iranian Supreme Leader] Ali Khamenei's representative, 
announced that the elite Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces are prepared to 
provide a military escort for the aid ships that are trying to break the 
Israeli blockade of Gaza, saying "Iran's Revolutionary Guard naval forces are 
fully prepared to escort the peace and freedom convoys to Gaza with all their 
powers and capabilities." Shirazi also said that "if the Supreme Leader issues 
an order for this, then the Revolutionary Guards naval forces will do their 
best to secure the ships" adding that "it is Iran's duty to defend the innocent 
people of Gaza."

Ali Shirazi's words can best be described as absurd, and his statement is 
evidence that Iran is trying to regain the role that it lost after suffering 
from seasickness from the crime committed by Israel against the Freedom 
Flotilla. According to Hassan Nasrallah, Turkey has become more Arabist than 
the Arabs themselves as a result of this, and it seems that today the Iranians 
want to be more Turkish than the Turks, and so are looking for a role [to 
play]. However the Iranian statements are absurd and are nothing more than 
evidence of Iran searching for a role [to play]. 

As we said yesterday, the game has been the same game with regards to the 
Palestinian Cause and the conflict with Israel, but the ability of the players 
is in decline. The evidence of this is that Shirazi's statements fail to 
reflect any political consciousness, or awareness of their consequences, but 
rather this is political opportunism which does not serve anybody except for 
Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in an attempt to justify the 
crime committed by his country's armed forces which caused Israel to find 
itself in a tight spot in front of the national community, previously announced 
that Israel will continue to prevent ships from reaching the Gaza coast, and 
that this is in order to prevent the establishment of "an Iranian port in 
Gaza." However today Ali Khamenei's representative emerged to give Netanyahu 
something that will allow him to market his justification in to the West, and 
which will also allow Israel to avoid the international pressure calling for an 
international commission to investigate the crime, as well as lifting the Gaza 

This is because unfortunately amongst the Arabs there are those who decided to 
surrender their intellect to those who raise false slogans, or those who do not 
want to acknowledge the facts, in the manner of the amusing expression "I have 
made up my mind, do not disturb me with the facts." Even the Hamas movement 
which is calling for the Gaza blockade to be lifted has understood the issue, 
and quickly rejected the Iranian proposal for the Revolutionary Guard to escort 
vessels to the Gaza shore. Hamas affiliated MP Jamal al-Khudari, who heads the 
"Popular Committee against the Siege" told Asharq Al-Awsat that "we do not want 
any military intervention" adding that "these flotillas are peaceful, civilian, 
and have no connection to the military." He also stressed that "in a general 
manner, this [military escort] is forbidden, and we do not want this from any 
country.this is a peaceful and civilian intifada."

When will people begin to pay attention to this overt game being played by Iran 
and others? That is the question

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