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> 90 Minutes with Mrs. Al Qaeda
> Munasaha Program Specialist Describes 90 Minutes with Al Qaeda's main female 
> operative Haylah al Qassir
> 07/06/2010
> Riyadh, Asharq Al-Awsat- Sheikh Abdullah al-Suwailem, who is part of the 
> Saudi Arabian Munasaha program that aims to rehabilitate Al Qaeda members 
> held in prison, told Asharq Al-Awsat about a 90 minute meeting he had with 
> Haylah al Qassir, the Al Qaeda woman who was arrested in Riyadh. An informed 
> source told Asharq Al-Awsat that Haylah al Qassir is a dangerous woman with a 
> strong personality, and was one of the most active and effective Al Qaeda 
> operatives in Saudi Arabia. She is known to have recruited women and youth to 
> Al Qaeda, as well as been responsible for financing. 
> Sheikh Abdullah al-Suwailem revealed that in the days leading up to her 
> arrest, Haylah al Qassir was in hiding as she was aware that she was wanted 
> by security authorities, and that she spent this period in hiding in the 
> homes of known families and abandoned houses, before she was eventually 
> arrested. 
> Sheikh al-Suwailem describes his impressions of Haylah al Qassir from his 
> meeting with her as part of the Munasaha rehabilitation program. He said "it 
> is apparent that Haylah al Qassir had a love of showing off, and this can be 
> seen clearly in her first marriage which was to a infamous man, and this is 
> Sheikh Abdul Karim al-Hamid, who was known for his opposition to reality, and 
> his ban on electricity and riding in cars." 
> Information indicates that Haylah al Qassir is the ex-wife of Saudi extremist 
> Sheikh Abdul Karim al-Hamid, who is under house arrest in the Taif 
> governorate, due to his extremist religious views and his association with 
> members of Al Qaeda. Other information reveals that she is the widow of Al 
> Qaeda operative Mohamed al-Wakeel, who was killed in a shootout with security 
> forces on 29 December 2004, following a failed car bombing attack on the 
> Saudi Interior Ministry.
> Al-Suwailem told Asharq Al-Awsat "I sat with sister Haylah 40 days ago for 
> around an hour and a half, with the intention of getting to know her as well 
> as rehabilitating her [ideology]. I found that she is a woman like other 
> woman in this country, she has a strong faith and belief, and she has a love 
> of promoting virtue and prohibiting vice, and she has the power of persuading 
> others to God."
> However al-Suwailem pointed out that the problem that Haylah al Qassir has 
> found herself in, with regards to the Saudi authorities accusing her of 
> helping finance Al Qaeda in Yemen, is that she has Islamized her crimes, and 
> she believes that all security officers are her "enemy" due to her husband 
> dying at the hands of Saudi security apparatus in Riyadh in 2004. 
> Asharq Al-Awsat is also in possession of information that indicates that 
> Haylah al Qassir was a highly effective and integrated member of Al Qaeda, 
> and that she hosted a celebration in her home in honor of Abdullah al-Asiri, 
> the Al Qaeda operative who carried out a failed suicide attack on Saudi 
> Deputy Interior Minister Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef in 2009. This failed 
> assassination attempt shocked the country, however Haylah al Qassir held a 
> party in honor of al-Asiri, calling him a martyr. 
> Sheikh al-Suwailem also said that Haylah al Qassir attempted to portray 
> everything that she had done for Al Qaeda as being part of jihad and 
> defending religion, and that she spoke of Asma Bin Abu Bakr, and the 
> Prophet's daughter Aisha. Al-Suwailem belives that Haylah al Qassir was 
> supporting Al Qaeda "in revenge" for the death of her husband at the hands of 
> the Saudi Arabian forces. 
> Reliable information obtained by Asharq Al-Awsat also indicates that the 
> suicide belts found in the possession of Yusuf al-Shehri and Raed al-Harbi 
> when they were killed in Jizan in 2009 were destined for Haylah al Qassir in 
> al-Qassim. She had reportedly recruited two suicide bombers for an attack, 
> and they were waiting for the suicide belts in order to carry out the 
> operation. Al-Suwailem told Asharq Al-Awsat that Haylah al Qassir harbored 
> two youths in an abandoned house without electricity for 20 days or more 
> before she was arrested. Sheikh al-Suwailem said that he admonished her for 
> this, and told her "if you had stayed in your own home, and fasted on Mondays 
> and Thursdays [according to the Sunnah of the Prophet], and studied to 
> memorize the Quran, and prayed for mercy for your husband.it would have been 
> better than this."
> Haylah al Qassir also revealed that her husband al-Wakeel had left two 
> pistols in her custody, and asked her to promise him that she would only give 
> these weapons "somebody who is worthy [ie another Al Qaeda supporter]."
> Al-Suwailem said that condemning Haylah al Qassir without first understanding 
> her is what had caused her to fall prey to Al Qaeda's ideology, and provide 
> them with financing in the first place.
> Al-Suwailem also told Asharq Al-Awsat that Haylah al Qassir is in a safe 
> place, she is in good health, and that she is being looked after by a team of 
> female specialists. He also revealed that the prison authorities had 
> responded to her request that her 5 year old daughter Rabab should remain in 
> her custody, although Rabab was later put in the custody of Haylah al 
> Qassir's sister. Al-Suwailem also said that the statement by Al Qaeda in 
> Yemen deputy leader Saeed al-Shehri calling for Haylah al Qassir's release is 
> "evidence of weakness not strength" and proof that Al Qaeda is in a complete 
> state of collapse.
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