Apakah ini perbuatan ajaran islam? Membom orang2 yang sedang
mengadakan pesta perkawinan?

Apakah ini ajaran islam yang membunuh orang2 sedang shalat 
di Mesdjid ahmadiyah?

KIta perlu pejelasan dari kader2 atau simpatisan2  Taliban di WM ini.



At least 39 people have been killed by a suicide bomber at a wedding party in 
Afghanistan's southern Kandahar province.

More than 70 people were injured when the blast occurred on Wednesday night as 
men sat down to eat at the celebration.

"A suicide bomber went inside the party where hundreds of people were sitting 
and blew himself up," a police official said of the blast in Arghandab district.

Mohammad Anaas, a senior official with the city administration, said at least 
39 bodies were transported to the Kandahar central hospital.

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Toror Yalai Wesa, the governor of Kandahar, told Al Jazeera that a survivor had 
said a car bomb was the cause of the explosion.

"We don't have any women casualties. Most of them are adult men and some are 
young children," he said.

The man getting married was a policeman from one of the checkpoints in the 
area, the governor added.

Mohammad Zanif, the groom's brother, told the AFP news agency that the groom 
had been wounded.

"There was an enormous explosion and as a result everyone there was either 
killed or injured," he said.

Relatives of the wounded gathered at an area hospital and local television 
appealed for people to donate blood to help treat the injured.

Kandahar is the focus of a build-up by US-led military forces trying to push 
back the Taliban.

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