maaf ya .. perkara ini pun menjadi issue kag untuk di bincang dalam wanita 
muslimah ? 

saya sebagai wanita muslimah berpendapat larangan ini berasas .. apa wajibnya 
mau diliburkan graduasi hingga lewat malam ? siang sahaja sudah baik,, secara 
formal .. thats what true education is.. bukan untuk dicalit dgn party liar 
lewat malam sehingga menjejaslan prestasi guru & pelajar ..

 u wanna go party .. have ur own private not at the school :P right ?

bila ditontoni filem amerika .. teenagers with wild party beers and free sex 
celebrating winning and graduation ... its unspeakable .. menjijikkan. 

prevention is better than cure 


From: abdul <>
Sent: Friday, 11 June 2010 08:51:56
Subject: [wanita-muslimah] Re: Ministry bans music, dancing in schools


Pelajar2 Arab yg datang di amerika, I love America, We can do
what we wanto to do here.....not in my country....
there is no freedom....freedom has been taken by ulama2...

we want back our freedom that ALLAH has given to all people


--- In, "sunny" <am...@...> wrote:
> Ministry bans music, dancing in schools
> Published: Jun 10, 2010 03:04 Updated: Jun 10, 2010 03:04 
> JEDDAH: The Ministry of Education issued on Wednesday a circular to all 
> schools in the Kingdom ordering that no music or dancing be allowed during 
> upcoming graduation celebrations. School events may also not be advertised in 
> local media. 
> Graduation celebrations, it added, are to take place in the morning within 
> the last three weeks of the academic year. 
> "The celebrations should not disrupt the school day, lead to the 
> cancellations of classes or cause students and teachers to absent themselves 
> the next day," the ministry said, adding that no cameras should be allowed in 
> schools.
> Education Minister Prince Faisal bin Abdullah has received reports from 
> concerned parents fearing there might be excessive celebratory activities 
> that may last well into the night, especially in public schools for girls. 
> The ministry cited a recent incident where a private school for girls in 
> Yanbu brought in a folkloric troupe that specializes in singing and dancing 
> at wedding parties that continued all night in honor of graduating sixth 
> grade schoolgirls. 
> Saleh Al-Sayed, the parent of a girl attending school in Yanbu, said such 
> parties are unacceptable. "In the past, public schools used to make special 
> programs marking the end of the year during which gifts were handed out to 
> students. Now these activities have become dancing and singing celebrations 
> that continue until next morning," he said.
> Fahhad Al-Otaibi, another father, said his daughter asked him for a lot of 
> money to buy special clothes for the graduation ceremony and to share in the 
> costs of the celebrations. 
> "These graduation parties, especially in girl schools, must stop," he 
> demanded.
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