_Maka belajar dari masyarakat Swedia di bawah ini (Buruh Pelabuhan), yang
memboikot barang-barang dari dan ke Israel tanpa harus demo, kita sangat
perlu belajar dari mereka. Jadi tampak sangat terpelajar.

Ya tidak?????_________________________

Notice of blockade of Israeli ships and Israeli Goods By Swedish Port
Workers Union
Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bjorn Borg A.

Swedish Port Workers Union has today given notice of the blockade of all
Israeli ships and cargo to and from Israel which is managed by the union
members. The blockade will be effective at. 00:00 Tuesday, June 15 and lasts
until at. 24:00 Thursday, June 24.
The reason for the blockade is the unprecedented criminal attack on the
peaceful ship convoy In Gaza. Several peace activists were killed by Israeli
commandos and other participants were detained without any reason.

Swedish Port Workers Union, which supports the Ship to Gaza, like the action
to protest against the state of Israel of international law perpetrated
against a convoy of peace activists and material supplies to the people as
well because of a legal blockade suffering population of Gaza.

Swedish Port Workers Union requires that the assault are brought to justice,
that international law is respected by the State of Israel and that the
blockade of Gaza immediately lifted.

Swedish Port Workers' Union would urge other unions and other organizations
to take similar initiatives and calls for a general blockade of Israeli
goods until the Palestinian people's rights have been satisfied in general
and in particular the blockade of Gaza lifted.

For further information contact:

Bjorn Borg A. Federal Chairman 070-680 95 48

Peter Annerback member Executive Committee 073-546 38 02

Rolf Axelsson member Executive Committee 070-950 89 09

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