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tepat. Ada yahudi yang baik dan ada yahudi yang buruk. Ada 
muslim yang baik dan ada yang buruk. Ada Palestina yang 
baik dan ada Palestina yang buruk.

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Subj: [mediacare] Jewish Flotilla to Break Gaza Siege

*Inti berita ini dimuat di media Praha, Rep Ceko 16 juni 

June 6th, 2010
 Jewish Flotilla to Break Gaza Siege

by Aviel Magnezi – *YNet –

*German Jewish group prepares flotilla to protest Israel’s 
blockade on Gaza.
‘Activists frightened, but not by Hamas,’ member of 
organization says*

The German-Jewish organization Jewish Voice for Peace in 
the Middle East is
preparing a Jewish flotilla to the Gaza Strip. “We intend 
to leave around
July,” a member of the organization, Kate Leitrer, said to 
Ynet. “We have
one small craft so far, in which there will be between 12 
and 16 people,
mostly Jews.”

Leitrer, herself Jewish, said there was great interest in 
joining. “Getting
another boat means more expenses, and we’re discussing 
this possibility,”
she said. “Because of limited space, there will be school 
equipment, candy,
and mainly musical equipment, and there’ll be musicians 
aboard who’ll teach
the children of Gaza. They need to see that Jews are not 
what how they are
drawn in their eyes.”

Leitrer also claimed that Israel acted criminally in its 
lethal raid on the
Gaza flotilla last Monday.

“The head of UNRRA (United Nations Relief and 
Rehabilitation Administration)
appealed to the world to send ships due to the shortage of 
supplies in Gaza,” she said. “By stopping the flotilla, 
Israel acted
criminally. Israel must not act like pirates.”

The activists are frightened, she said, but not by Hamas.

“Jews have been to Gaza in the past, and they were treated 
in a friendly
manner,” Leitrer continued. “We have also talked with them 
recently, and
they are very keen for us to come. We are frightened by 
what happened on the
Marmara, but if you are committed to do good things, you 
have to act. People
were also killed in the fight against fascism.”

She rejected Israel’s fears that weapons would be smuggled 
into Gaza on the
aid boats.

“We haven’t heard there were weapons on the last flotilla, 
and people were
shot and killed there,” she said. “We have contacted 
Israel figures and told
them they are welcome to carry out searches on the boats, 
but we ask to be
allowed to continue to Gaza. These are Gazan waters, and 
Israel must not
control them.”

‘Open a window to Gaza’

Edith Lutz, a German Jewish member of the organization, 
said to Ynet the
vessel is already anchored in Mediterranean waters, and 
that the
organization had received many requests from Jews and non-
Jews to take part
in the flotilla.

“We began in Germany,” she said, “but many have called us 
from England,
Sweden and the US. There may also be another boat 
accompanying us, mainly
carrying reporters.”

Lutz explained that the Jewish flotilla aims to convey a 
message: Lift the

“Our vessel can open a window between Israel and Gaza 
residents,” she said.
“Two years ago I took part in the Free Gaza flotilla and 
wore a Magen David
(Star of David), and the kids said, ‘Look, she’s Jewish,’ 
and they all
accepted me very well. When we met (Hamas leader) Ismail 
Haniyeh and they
told him about me, he turned to me and said they have 
nothing against Jews
or Israel, only against the occupation.”

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