June 20, 2010 

Terrorist leader Abdolmalek Rigi hanged
Tehran Times Political Desk

TEHRAN - Jundallah terrorist leader Abdolmalek Rigi was hanged at Evin prison 
in Tehran early Sunday at the presence of a number of families whose loved ones 
had been martyred by his notorious group. 

Abdolmalek Rigi had been charged with 79 offences, including murder, terrorist 
activities, and other serious crimes. 

The Iranian security forces detained Abdolmalek Rigi on February 23 on board a 
flight from the United Arab Emirates to Kyrgyzstan. The plane landed at Bandar 
Abbas Airport, where Rigi and his aide were arrested. 

The terrorist leader met families of those killed by his notorious group on 
Saturday. He answered questions raised by the families and asked them to 
forgive him. 

In one of its deadly attacks on October 18, 2009, the Jundallah group killed 
over 40 people, including five senior commanders of the Islamic Revolution 
Guards Corps, in the southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchestan. 

On May 24, Iran executed Abdolhamid Rigi, the brother of Abdolmalek Rigi and 
the number two man in the Jundullah group, at a prison in Zahedan 

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