Pak Dul,

Orang tua terkecuali yang gila atau petinggi agama apapun tidak ada yang 
mendidik atau menyuruh anak-anak perempuan untuk prostitusi, tetapi masalah 
ekonomi (perut) menjadi penyebab utama. Sama halnya dengan TKW, kalau tidak 
kepepet di rumah, mana mau ada wanita pergi jauh-jauh meninggalkan anak, suami, 
orang tua, kenalan dan teman karib, pergi ke lingkungan yang bisa merusak 


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  Subject: [wanita-muslimah] Re: Teen prostitution on the rise in Bandung

  Sekiranya benar bahwa banyak Teen Prostitution di Bandung
  atau dikota kota besar...yang salah besar adalah;

  1. orang tua.
  2. Ulama2 dan usztad2

  Dimana ajaran2 Ulama2 dan usztad2 serta orang tua kurang fektif menyakal 
perbuatan2 amoral..

  Ulama2,Usztad2 dan orang tua harus meningkatkan dakwah dan pendidikan
  kpd anak2 secara intesive.....

  Bukan mencari kambing hitam atau melarang aktifitas2 orang lain
  yang mecarinafakah dgn perbuatan2 amoral...yaitu menjual
  gambar2 atau film2 atau internet2 porno dsb

  Dunia ini ada 2 aktifitas yg berlawanan sekali yaitu aktifitas
  kebaikan2 dan aktifitas syaitan....

  Kalau ulama2 , Usztad2 giat memberikan teladan dan dakwah kpd anak2
  insya ALLAH, teen Prositution akan mengurang..

  Perbuatan2 amoral itu tidak akn bisa lenyab,dimana saja,karena
  Allah mengizinkan Syiatan utk mengganggu manusia2 yg beriman.


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  > Teen prostitution on the rise in Bandung 
  > A policeman, right, watches over two masseuses and their customers during a 
raid on suspected prostitution activities at a hotel in Changchun, in northeast 
China's Jilin province
  > The Bandung authority is at loss to uncover cases of covert prostitution 
involving junior and senior high school students, whose number continues to 
rise in the West Java capital.
  > Eli, a sex worker advocacy program mentor from the Rumah Cemara Group in 
Bandung, said it was hard to provide advocacy to teenagers involved in covert 
prostitution since most were not receptive.
  > The number of those involved in covert prostitution is believed to be 
higher compared to commercial sex on the streets, she added.
  > Eli has been providing support to more than 200 housewives and child sex 
workers over the past two years, around 20 of who are senior high school 
students between the ages of 15 and 16.
  > "They are psychologically unstable at those ages. They are hard to handle 
due to their strong motivation to earn money to make purchases such as cell 
phones and shoes," Eli said after attending the Rescue and Prevention of Child 
Sexual Exploitation (ESKA) program's discussion in Bandung.
  > She expressed concern that the spread of STDs such as HIV/AIDS, would be 
more difficult to prevent among the youths because the target group was harder 
to detect.
  > "They don't care about contraceptives and the risks involved in exchanging 
partners. Parents are also seldom aware of their activities, so they are 
deprived of moral and health guidance," said Eli.
  > The ESKA program has targeted that it could save 300 of around 1,000 
children predicted by the Save The Children group from prostitution.
  > One child prostitution case currently being handled by the West Bandung 
Police involves a 15-year-old girl who sold herself for Rp 5 million Rupiah 
(US$550), just because she wished to buy a cell phone and get dental braces.
  > Eko Kriswanto, program officer of the Save the Children in West Java, 
contributed high technology as a reason that made it hard to disclose covert 
child prostitution.
  > He said since the program was initiated in Bandung in 2002, a change in the 
behavior of child sex workers had taken place.
  > "Previously, prostitution was carried out openly at redlight districts or 
on the street. Now, they can carry out transactions without being detected by 
using social networking means such as Facebook or through email and cell 
phone," said Eko.
  > "It's no longer always due to economic hardships. Sometimes they are 'on 
business' as an exchange for drugs, cash, phone credit or just free meals."
  > Neti Supriati, Child and Women's Rights Protection division head of the 
Women's Empowerment and Family Planning Office, said the government has only 
mapped out the cases and provided counseling to victims of sex violence. But 
the government has yet make a move to curb child prostitution, she added.
  > "We are just handling women and child household abuse cases only and have 
yet to move in that direction," said Neti.
  > -The Jakarta Post/ANN
  > Published June 20 2010
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