Walaupun PKS ingin menarik umat non Islam dan bersahabat dgn amerika
namun di kepalanya masih tertanam pemahaman Islam Fundamentalis...
yang tidak menghormati keyakinan agama orang lain....Itulah ciri2
dari Islam fundamentalis..


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> Tifatul chided for linking sex tape scandal to crucifixion
> Erwida Maulia, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Sat, 06/19/2010 9:43 AM | 
> Headlines 
> Communications and Information Technology Minister Tifatul Sembiring has 
> spent most of the past two days fending off an onslaught of Twitter attacks 
> after he compared a sex tape controversy to the theological debate between 
> Christians and Muslims about the death of Jesus Christ.
> He said Thursday during a breakfast meeting at his office that the public 
> debate over the sex tapes featuring people resembling singer Nazril "Ariel" 
> Irham, TV presenter Luna Maya and celebrity Cut Tari was like the dispute 
> between Muslims, who believe that Jesus Christ was not crucified but rather 
> that someone resembling him was, and Christians, who believe that Jesus 
> Christ was crucified.
> The celebrities have claimed the persons in the sex videos are not them.  
> Tifatul said that confirming the identity of the persons in the tapes was 
> very important to avoid adverse impacts in the future like those emerging 
> from the different views of Muslims and Christians. He did not elaborate on 
> the impacts of the theological discord between the world's two largest 
> religions.
> One Twitter message directed at the minister from the account 
> "@Williamalwijaya" asked: "What is the relationship between Ariel and the 
> Catholic followers of God? Were you drunk when you said that?".
> Tifatul tweeted back, "You had better not quote people's words partially, 
> that makes you look like a drunk person".
> Tifatul also wrote to another of his Twitter criticizers, "@artjie", "I'm 
> explaining the point of view of Muslims on Prophet Isa and of the Christians 
> on Jesus Christ, you can ask theologists about this."
> He also tried to clarify the context of his statements to "@nafaurbach" by 
> saying, "Muslims believe that Prophet Isa wasn't crucified, that it was 
> someone 'resembling' him, while Christians believe that Jesus Christ was 
> crucified".
> A Catholic priest from the Indonesian Bishops Council, Father Beni Susetyo, 
> said that as a public official, Tifatul Sembiring should not compare a 
> pornography scandal to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, because it could hurt 
> the feelings of believers. "There is no connection between pornography and 
> the crucifixion of Jesus Christ at all," he told The Jakarta Post.
> He criticized the minister for showing a lack of appreciation for beliefs 
> other than his own in such a diverse country as Indonesia.
> This is the second time that Tifatul has sparked a controversy on Twitter. In 
> April, he tweeted a quote from Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. He wrote, "The union 
> between two children, when both of them complete each other, this is magic - 
> Adolf Hitler".
> This posting drew the ire of many members of the public, who complained the 
> minister had shown a lack of respect for the millions of people killed in the 
> genocide perpetrated under Nazi leadership during World War II.
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