Islamic authorities cane 4 gamblers in Aceh
An Acehnese man, Hasbi, is flogged as part of his sentence for illegal gambling 
in Aceh Besar, Indonesia's Aceh province, on Friday. Aceh is the only province 
in Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country, where the Shariah law 
is enforced. (Reuters)

Published: Jun 26, 2010 00:42 Updated: Jun 26, 2010 00:42 

JAKARTA, Indonesia: Three convicted gamblers have been publicly caned for 
gambling in Indonesia's devoutly Muslim province of Aceh.

Bendry Almy, a local prosecutor, says the men were caned seven times each 
Friday outside a mosque before hundreds of worshippers.

He says the men were among 21 suspected gamblers nabbed last month while 
playing cards after a wedding party in Dayah Dabo village.

Only four of the men were convicted because the others failed to show up for 
their trials. The caning of the fourth man was postponed because of a health 

Indonesia has a policy of secularism, but the government granted highly 
conservative Aceh province special permission to implement a version of Sharia 
law in 2001 as part of efforts to defuse an Islamic rebellion there.

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