Police Officers Mentioned in Tempo Report
Tuesday, 29 June, 2010 | 11:03 WIB 

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: A day after the missing of thousands of this week's 
edition of Tempo Magazine, publishers have not completely covered demand from 
its readers including some regular subscribers, who were guaranteed a copy the 
day when copies for retail sales disappeared.

The edition presents reports of wealth of several senior police officers which 
are suspected by the Financial Report an Transaction and Analysis Center have 
been recorded with some suspicious transactions. Here are a shorter report 
about the officers.

1. Inspector General Mathius Salempang, East Kalimantan TimurProvincial Police 
Wealth: Rp8,553,417,116 and US$59,842 (as of May 22nd 2009)

Allegation: Owns Rp2,088,000,000 from unclear source. On July 29th 2005, the 
account was closed and Mathius transfered Rp2 billion to other account under 
another person's name whose relation with Mathius is unknown. two days later 
the money was withdrawn and deposited to Mathius' time deposite account.

Response: "I just knew this from you" (June 24th 2010)

2. Inspector General Sylvanus Yulian Wenas, Chief of the Mobile Brigade Special 

Wealth: Rp6,535,536,503 (August 25th 2005)

Allegation: From his accounts Rp10,007,939,259 was transferred to a person 
claiming to be a Director of PT Hinroyal Golden Wing. Rp3 billion and 
US$100,000was transferred on July 27th 2005, and later US$670,031 on August 9th 

Response: "The fund was not mine." (June 24th 2010)

3. Inspector General Budi Gunawan, Head of Police internal affairs
Kekayaan: Rp 4.684.153.542 (August 19th 2008)

Allegation: Made huge transactions. Opened bank account and put in with his son 
Rp29 billion and Rp25 billion respectively.

Response: "The report is completely not true." (June 25th 2010)

4. Inspector General Badrodin Haiti, Head of the Police's Law Development 
Wealth: Rp2,090,126,258 and US$4.000 (as of March 24th 2008)

Allegations: Bought insurance from PT Prudential Life Assurance at Rp1.1 
billion. Source of fund is a third party. Withdrew Rp700 million and took 
monthly payment.

Response: "It is completely the authority of the Investigation and Crime Unit 
Chief." (June 24th 2010)

5. Commissioner General Susno Duadji, ex-Chief of the Investigation and Crime 
Wealth: Rp1,587,812,155 (as of 2008)

Allegations: Took Rp2,62 billion from a lawyer and received fund transfers from 
a businessman totaling Rp3.97 billion.

Response: "We have never discuss the suspicious transactions." (M. Assegaf, 
Defense lawyer for Susno Duadji - June 24th 2010)

6. Inspector General Bambang Suparno, Lecturer at the Police Academy for Senior 
Wealth: Unidentified

Allegations: Bought insurance with Rp250 million premium in May 2006. Received 
transfers totaling Rp11.4 billion from January 2006 until August 2007. He 
withdrew Rp3 billion on November 2006.

Response: "There is no problem with the transactions. It happened when I was 
still in Aceh." (June 24th 2010)

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