Dozens Killed in Suicide Attack on Pakistani Shrine

At least 42 people were killed and another 175 injured Thursday night when two 
suicide bombers attacked Data Ganj Baksh shrine, a famous Sufi shrine in 
Pakistan. The death toll is expected to rise as thousands of people were 
gathered at the shrine during the attack to pray and dance. "The ruthless 
mechanics of the bombing were captured on CCTV footage and aired on 
television," the Guardian reported. "The first bomber ran into a basement area, 
clutching a bag filled with explosives and ball bearings and pursued by a 
guard, before a large explosion swept across the room." Police collected the 
heads of the two bombers, but no group has stepped forward to claim 
responsibility for the attacks. Some residents of the area blamed the United 
States, arguing that drone attacks in the country were provoking militants. 
Others believe the minority Ahmadi sect, which was attacked only a few months 
ago at another religious site, was enacting revenge. "The most likely culprits, 
however, come from within Punjab," the Guardian reported. "A network of 
hardline madrasas scattered across the province, mostly in the southern belt, 
is home to thousands of religious extremists" who lash out against those who 
practice a more moderate form of Islam. The attack didn't stop thousands of 
Pakistanis from entering the shrines on Friday morning to pray for the lives 
lost the night before.

Read original story in The Guardian | Friday, July 2, 2010 

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