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Gas stove pipes must be replaced every year: minister
Thursday, July 8, 2010 17:36 WIB | Economic & Business | 
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Minister Darwin 
Saleh said that consumers must replace the hoses of their 3kg-gas stoves every 

"Technically, gas stove regulators and pipes can only be used for one year," 
Minister Darwin Saleh said here on Thursday.

But the government has not yet decided the continuation of its liquefied 
natural gas (LNG) stove regulator and hose sale program as it is doing at 
present, he said.

"Gas stove regulators and pipes must be replaced every year. But whether or not 
the government will continue to provide such assistance will be seen later," 
the minister said.

However, the government will continue to provide subsidies for the needy people 
in the form of health, education and energy subsidies, the minister said.

The government had begun on Wednesday to sell gas stove pipes and regulators at 
factory prices through LPG retailer agents. Pipes are sold at a price of 
Rp15,000 for each while regulators at Rp20,000.

This is far below the market prices which reach Rp70,000 for hoses and 
Rp125,000 for regulators, according to the minister.

Taxes and transportation cost of the products are borne by the government, the 
minister explained.

For the time being in Bekasi, West Java, pipes and regulators are sold in six 
LPG retailer agents.

Darwin added that the regulator and pipe sale program was being carried out as 
part of the government`s form of responsibility for its kerosene-to-3kg LPG 
conversion program.

In carrying out its kerosene-to-gas conversion program, the government has 
distributed 45 million units.

"The government is willing to provide more security to the people. If in the 
past the government fielded a team to assist the distribution of the gas 
cylinders, now it was sending a team to provide information on how to use gas 
stove in a safe way," the minister said.
(Uu.A014/H-NG /P003)

LPG imports expected to soar 97 pct this year
Tuesday, June 8, 2010 06:44 WIB | Economic & Business | | 
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - State oil and gas company PT Pertamina has predicted 
that the country`s liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) imports this year will soar 91 
percent to 2.009 million metric tons from a year earlier.

"In 2010 LPG imports will represent 47 percent of domestic supplies compared to 
34 percent in 2009," Pertamina Investment Planning and Risk Management Director 
Ferederick Siahaan said at a working meeting with the House of Representatives 
(DPR) Commission VII here on Monday. 

LPG consumption was projected to reach 4.262 million tons in 2010 consisting of 
subsidized LPG totaling 3.002 million tons and non-subsidized LPG totaling 
1.261 million tons, he said.

The estimate of LPG consumption in 2010 rose compared to 2009 when the figure 
was 2.884 million tons consisting of 1.775 million tons of subsidized LPG and 
1.11 million tons of non-subsidized LPG, he said.

He said 957 thousand tons or 22 percent of domestic LPG supplies this year 
would come from Pertamina`s refineries, 47 thousand tons or 1 percent from 
Pertamina`s upstream business division, 1.182 million tons or 28 percent from 
contractors of cooperation contract (KKKS) and 73.9 thousand tons or 2 percent 
from privately-run refineries.

In 2009 LPG imports accounted for 34 percent or 1.052 million tons of domestic 
supplies, while Pertamina`s refineries contributed 770.7 thousand tons or 25 
percent, Pertamina`s upstream business division 51 thousand tons or 2 percent, 
contractors of cooperation contract 1.151 million tons or 37 percent and 
privately-run refineries 61.9 thousand tons or 2 percent, he said. (*)

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