bener sih kampanye "jangan bugil depan kamera"
walaupun dengan istri sah atau istri mut'ah sekalipun, jangan pernah
merekam adegan bugil atau adegan aneh2 sekalipun
dan sekalipun dibilang buat dokumentasi atau konsumsi pribadi
namanya "barang panas" kalau misalnya ilang, rusak, atau dicuri orang,
kalau kesebar ke mana2 malunya seumur hidup


On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 11:28 PM, sunny <> wrote:
> Jul 7, 2010
> Sex scandal rocks Iraqi's Shi'ites
> By IWPR-trained reporters
> BAGHDAD - A top-level Shi'ite cleric has been defrocked over sexually 
> explicit videos posted on the Internet that have outraged devout communities 
> across Iraq and tarnished the image of the sect's highest religious body.
> Munaf Hamdan Naji al-Mosawi, a close aide to Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani 
> for 11 years, has gone into hiding after intimate footage apparently recorded 
> on his mobile phone ended up in the hands of neighbors, who marched to his 
> home in Amara to demand the return of their religious donations, according to 
> Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) sources - religious figures in 
> Amara and Najaf, where Sistani's office is based.
> The controversy, which has yet be reported by the national media - presumably 
> because of its sensitivity - has been widely
> discussed and reported on the Internet. It has ignited debate about the 
> personal conduct of religious representatives and drawn charges of hypocrisy 
> from Shi'ite followers around the country.
> Some commentators see the alleged incident as a blow to the reputation of the 
> Marjaya, Iraq's highest Shi'ite religious body, and say it even questions the 
> judgement of the deeply revered and popular Sistani, one of the world's 
> highest-ranking Shi'ite clerics.
> As the first public sex scandal to hit a senior religious leader in Iraq, the 
> alleged videos have become a burning controversy - despite claims from local 
> reporters that clerics and officials in the ultra-conservative city of Amara 
> ordered them to ignore it.
> "I watched the videos. The scenes show [Mosawi] has no understanding of 
> morality or ethics. A cleric is a symbol of his religion. When they do 
> something wrong like this, the whole religion can seem wrong to the 
> followers," said Mohammad Hussein, 45, a Shi'ite government worker in Amara.
> IWPR sources say the footage, which became public when Mosawi lost his 
> phone's memory card, allegedly shows the cleric naked and involved in sexual 
> acts with his wife and, in a separate video, another woman with whom he had a 
> muta'a, or temporary marriage. Locals who have seen the complete contents of 
> the card claim there are images of as many as 18 other women.

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