Pastors for Peace overcome obstacles on U.S. border and continue trip to Cuba

ELLEN P. Bernstein, member of the board of directors of Pastors for Peace, 
reported in Havana that the group overcame restrictions imposed by the United 
States and crossed the U.S.-Mexican border to travel on to Havana.

The 21st U.S.-Cuba Friendship Caravan organized by this solidarity group brings 
around 100 tons of material aid for the island and this year it is mostly 
directed toward children, Bernstein told AIN at the William Carey Baptist 
Church, in Havana's Vedado neighborhood of Havana.

After speaking by telephone with Rev. Lucius Walker, leader of this ecumenical 
foundation, the activist reported that U.S. Customs and Immigration authorities 
searched an automobile and nine buses in the car caravan and tired to hold some 
of the donations.

Bernstein belongs to the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization 
(IFCO), of which Pastors for Peace is one project. "Walker told me that they 
wanted to confiscate at least five computers out of the 19 that we brought and 
apply other restrictions, but they unable to do so in the face of our 
resistance, and our solidarity is on its way to the island," she confirmed.

She emphasized that the materials collected by the group this year include 
school supplies, medical equipment and medicines, sports equipment and 
construction tools. 

Following its foundation in 1988 by Rev. Lucius Walker, the caravanistas made 
their first trip to Cuba in 1992 and from that time, they have returned every 
year with gifts demonstrating their commitment to solidarity against the 
blockade imposed by Washington for close to 50 years.

This 21st Pastors for Peace solidarity caravan is traveling to Havana with 85 
members from 21 U.S. states as well as Mexico, Canada, the UK and Germany. 

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