Police arrest father for false report of kidnapping 

Published: Jul 25, 2010 14:52 Updated: Jul 25, 2010 14:52 

JEDDAH: Three-year-old Rawan, allegedly abducted by the family's Indonesian 
maid, has been found safe and returned to her mother, Jeddah police spokesman 
First Lt. Nawwaf Al-Bouq said on Sunday.

Authorities now believe the father gave a false report about a kidnapping and 
ransom after the Indonesian family he hired to care for the child demanded they 
be paid the agreed-upon salary for the last month before returning the child. 

The police have taken the father, who had lodged the complaint of kidnapping 
against an Indonesian family, into custody for falsely implicating the 
Indonesian woman, whom he alleged was his housemaid.

The girl, according to her father's report to the police on Saturday, was left 
alone in the care of the family maid at a children's play area in Faisaliah 
district when she was kidnapped. The maid reportedly set a ransom for the 
child's release.

Police tracked down the Indonesian woman through the mobile number given to 
them by the father.

The police rang the number and when the Indonesian woman answered, the case was 
presented to her. She invited the police to her home to ascertain the facts.

The police, on arrival, found the girl living with an Indonesian family, who 
had been contracted by the father to take care of the girl. The arrangement was 
the family would take care of the child for a monthly payment.

The father had married an Indonesian woman with whom he had the child. The 
parents are now divorced and that's why the child was left in care with this 
Indonesian family that was close to the child's mother, the police said.

The police said that problems arose following a dispute in payment between the 
father and the Indonesian family. The father had told the family that he wanted 
the child back, but the family refused to hand the child over until they were 
paid for this month.

When the father was thwarted in his efforts to take the child, the police said, 
that he threatened the Indonesian family with dire consequence while promising 
that he would get the child by any means necessary.

The father then lodged a complaint with a concocted story against the 
Indonesian woman, alleging that the child was kidnapped for ransom.

The real story unraveled following the police investigation with the Indonesian 
family's statement being corroborated by others.

The police also got a confession from the father that he had fabricated the 
story. The police warned people against making false allegations.

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