Strategi Taliban dan Golongan Islam Koseravtive-Fundamentalis mempunyai 
strategi perjuangan yang sama, yaitu menyerang Firqoh2
Islam Ahmadiyha,Sufi, Syiah dan lain2nya...

Pemerintahan Indonesia dan element2 bangsa yg cita damai kalau tidak
memeramgi Idiologi Taliban Indonesia, dlm beberapa tahun lagi
Indonesia akan terjadi perbuatan2 kekerasan seperti di Pakistan
dan Afganistan....

Mari bersama sama mengamati golongan2 Islam Fundamentalis di sekeliling rumah 
anda dan kantor2 anda.

SBY telah mengingatkan perbautan2 Terornya dan niatnya untuk
menghancurkah NKRI.

Indonesia mob attacks Muslim sect
The mob stoned the mosque of Ahmadiya sect, whose beliefs contradicts 
mainstream Islam [AFP] 

Indonesian police have clashed with about 200 people trying to attack a mosque 
used by a minority Islamic sect known as Ahmadiya.

The mob hurled stones at the mosque in Manislor village in Kuningan district in 
West Java, prompting an hour-long confrontation with police, a local Ahmadiya 
official said.

"About 200 people pelted stones at our mosque and clashed with the police for 
about an hour. It is not clear yet who was the organiser of the mob," Nurahim, 
the local general secretary of the sect, told the AFP news agency.

"The police were able to secure the mosque and handle the people. The 
situation, however, is still tense now."

Nurahim said the village's 3,000 Ahmadiyah followers were ready to help the 
police if needed but would not respond to the violence.

"We had a similar experience before in 2007, in which our mosque and houses 
were attacked. A house was burned and several were damaged at the time," he 

The Ahmadiyah sect, which claims 500,000 followers in Indonesia, believes that 
its founder Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was the final prophet and not Mohammad, 
contradicting a central tenet of mainstream Islam.

Ahmad claimed to be a reincarnation of Prophet Mohammad, a claim rejected by 
Muslim authorities and scholars.

He also claimed to to be the Christian messiah. His sect believes that Jesus 
did not die on the cross, but he moved to India where he died at the age of 120.

Indonesia's top Islamic body issued a fatwa in 2008 describing the sect as 

Ahmadiyah has had a presence in the country since the 1920s.

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