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Rare handwritten Quran showcased at Tehran museum
Tehran Times Art Desk

TEHRAN -- A collection of rare version of handwritten the Holy Quran has been 
put on show in an exhibition opened at the Reza Abbasi Museum in Tehran on 

A number of Iranian cultural personalities attended the opening ceremony of the 
exhibit entitled "The Eternal Blessing". 

A version attributed to Imam Ali (AS) is the oldest Quran in the collection. It 
is inscribed in Kufic style calligraphy on animal skin and has notes in Thulth 
on its margins, which were written during the Qajar era. 

The exhibition also displays an excerpt of the Holy Quran, which has been 
written in Kufic on ten sheets of deerskin. It is believed that it was 
inscribed by Imam Reza (AS). 

The margins on each page contain calligraphy of verses from the Sura of 
Ibrahim, penned by an artist from the Safavid era. 

The information on the two versions has been confirmed by Iran's Quranic 
Research Foundation according to what museum curator Sahba Kermani said in a 
press conference. 

Kermani believes that each one of the other 19 versions of the Quran on display 
at the exhibition represents a unique art form. 

The exhibit also explores the development of the Kufic and Thulth styles of 
calligraphy from the 8th to the 19th century, he said. 

The exhibition runs until the end of Ramadan. 

Photo: A version of the Holy Quran, which is attributed to Imam Ali (AS), is on 
display at the Astan-e Qods Razavi Museum in Mashhad. (File photo) 

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