Dear all,

I have been using the Wannier90 with vasp 5.4.4 for a few months now. I was
wondering if there is a way to determine or control the spin polarization
direction for a non-collinear calculation with spin-orbit coupling.

I need to determine in a spin-orbit coupled calculation how the spins of
different wannier orbitals are oriented. Suppose if I have 2 pairs of
orbitals, whether one pair would have a parallel spin orientation and the
other pair with antiparallel orientation, and how I could determine their
angle from the z axis. If they are not parallel, then if there is a way to
make them parallel in a certain direction.

I have tried to set the spinor parameter in the *.win file to .true. which
only introduced a warning in the log output. Any suggestion is very much

Thank you,

Amartyajyoti Saha
PhD Student
Department of Physics
University of Minnesota
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