Dear Marten,
Thanks a lot.
I’ve opened an issue to keep track of this problem and its solution

Just one question - which version of the code did you use? Could you report 
directly in the issue?


Giovanni Pizzi
Theory and Simulation of Materials and MARVEL, EPFL

On 26 Sep 2019, at 12:36, Marten Richter 
<<>> wrote:

Dear Wannier90 list,

for some reasons, I tried to use gw stuff from yambo with wannier and I
also needed spins.
I need to use the spn formatted option, since I am too stupid (or lazy)
to install the python package for FortranFile on the cluster.
So I tried to run from the utility folder using spn
output with spn_formatted.

I ran into several issues and I am really wondering, if the spn
formatted output was tested.
Anyway I made a patch and I would be glad, if someone can look over it
(who has reference data for the unformatted option for testing)
and could integrate it.
(Special care necessary, since I can write in several programming
languages but not in python and I do not have really much data to check
the correct behaviour).
I hope, that this is the right mailing list.


Marten Richter

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