Dear Iurii,

As the error message clearly shows, the problem is that the number of initial 
5(# of d-orbitals) * 2(# of Ti atoms) + 3(# of p-orbitals) * 4(# of O atoms) = 
is lower than the number of Wannier functions 24.

So you have to either increase the number of initial projections to 24
(e.g. you can add s-orbital to Ti) or decrease the number of Wannier functions 
to 22.

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Dear Wannier90 experts,

I would like to ask a question about the wannierisation of bands in rutile 
TiO2. All necessary files can be found here:

I compute 40 KS bands using Quantum ESPRESSO (24 out of them are occupied). I 
remove first 12 bands out of 40 by using "exclude_bands", because these are not 
of interest. Then I want to wannierise next 24 bands (these are mixed Ti-d and 
O-p states). But the problem is that at Gamma the last band that I want to 
wannierise touches next empty band that I do not need. So I want to do the same 
as in example20 of wannier90, namely to perform the disentanglement in the 
sphere centered at the Gamma point. But I get an error message: 
"param_get_projections: Fewer projections defined than the number of Wannier 
functions requested". I guess that this problem can be fixed easily, but since 
I have a very limited experience with Wannier90 I do not manage to figure out 
what to do. Could anyone suggest please how to solve this problem?

Many thanks in advance,
Iurii Timrov

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