Dear all,

Apologies for a somewhat naïve question. I am struggling to find a route to 
compare the interpolated band structures written by Wannier90 against those 
prepared using the QE bands.x script. I cannot seem to get the routine outlined 
in the Copper (Example06) solutions manual (bands.x -pp ) to work, as the 
bands.x shipped in QE doesn't seem to take a -pp option.

I have Wannierised my system and projected onto a path using, e.g.

bands_num_points : 10
Begin Kpoint_Path
G 0.00  0.00  0.00    X 0.50  0.50  0.00
X 0.50  0.50  0.00    W 0.50  0.75  0.25
W 0.50  0.75  0.25    L 0.00  0.50  0.00
L 0.00  0.50  0.00    G 0.00  0.00  0.00
G 0.00  0.00  0.00    K 0.00  0.50 -0.50
End Kpoint_Path

I have then taken the *.kpt list that is written from this interpolation, and 
use this as my input for an NSCF calculation in QE. I subsequently run the 
bands.x routine on the QE output to generate the *.gnu plottable files.

However, when doing this, the x-axis written by both the Wannier90 code and the 
bands.x (QE) are different, and I cannot seem to identify how to rectify this. 
I am sure it's something simple I'm missing, and any pointers would be very 
much appreciated.

All best,

Dr Adam Michalchuk
University of Birmingham

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