Dear Bhargab Kakati,

One option to see the starting point of the Wannierisation, that is the initial 
projections orthonormalized, is to set num_iter = 0 and run the Wannierisation: 
with num_iter = 0 you do not do any Wannierisation step, essentially you do a 
projection-only Wannier-functions; then, just plot the WFs and check the result.

As a note, remember that in most (all?) cases, the projections won't be 
intuitive s, p, d-like orbitals.

Hope this helps.


> On 29 Feb 2024, at 12:39, Bhargab Kakati <> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I used SCDM method in my calculation and I was wandering if there's any way 
> we can fin out the projections used in the wannierization process. Any 
> suggestion will be highly appreciated.
> Thank you.
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