I cannot comment on the specifics of the ABINIT interface. But note that the 
code, when run in library mode, ignores the value in the input (it should also 
print it in one of the outputs):


One needs to ensure that the library instead passes the spinors_loc variable 
from the interface fortran call.

Let me also mention that we merged last month a major refactor of the whole 
Wannier90 code, to make the library much more flexible. In the future it might 
be useful to ping the developers of the interface codes you use (if you want) 
so that they are aware of the new library mode and consider releasing a new 
interface with the new library (that will be released in the next few months 
with a new version of Wannier90). The main contact person for support on the 
library mode (who is one of those who did most of the work!) is Jerome Jackson 
at STFC.


On 9 Mar 2024, at 14:44, Shima Sharifi (Tyndall) <shima.shar...@tyndall.ie> 

Dear all,
I am currently working on generating MLWFs for spinor-values wave functions 
using Wannier90 interfaced with ABINIT ver9.10.5. The version of Wannier90 
utilized as a library during the installation of Abinit is, which is 
compatible with spinor wave functions.

However, upon running the calculation, despite setting the variable "nspinor=2" 
in the Abinit input file and specifying "spinors=.true." in the Wannier90 input 
file, I encountered an error indicating that "param_get_projections: spin is 
defined but spinors=.false."

It appears that the interface program is disregarding the specified value of 
"spinors" in the Wannier90 input and defaulting to a case without spin-orbit 
coupling calculation. On the other hand, it recognized that the spin is defined 
by reading the projection section of Wannier90 input file.

Does this imply that the Abinit interface to Wannier90 code currently only 
supports cases without SOC?

Best regards,

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