(EZ)Hi John T, (every time I write that, I think of John Wayne in "Rio 

Thanks for the chuckle - it happens to be one of my all-time favorite JW 
movies - Big Jake is another.

(EZ)Does the topic "War" include "private" wars ... like sports wars? People 
are mindlessly killing other people over something so petty and unimportant 
as a "game" ... witness the manslaughter incident of one father killing 
another father because of violence on their kids playing field ... makes a 
lot of sense, doesn't it?

It includes anything, as anything eventually becomes a part of War and 

If supposedly sane people....can't even manage to control themselves
over a sport that means nothing and by this time next year will matter to no 
one ... how can they ever be expected to control themselves over things that 
do matter -- the stuff that wars are fought over -- and learn to live in 
peace with one another?

Consider that perhaps it is a pressure valve. When there ARE wars, you don't 
see this too much, because people get enough confrontation, combat. Further, 
I think if you get rid of war, you increase the likelihood of violence in 
other arenas. I think there is a base amount of mayhem the human species 
must create.

Finally, I am not so certain that war is an absolute bad. War has been part 
of the formative nation/state building since time immemorial. It is a 
catalysing event, a time when the issues can be distilled. Nor is it the 
only time we risk lives for a cause. Projects for peaceful purposes take the 
lives of our citizens - dams and railroads and canals and exploration. So I 
have to question whether we should even try to solve the 'problem' of war.


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